The Sacred Caves

Entrada subterránea a las Santas Cuevas.


The great Christian work Sacromonte Abbey is today has its origin in the underground ovens where the relics of the Christian martyrs, St. Cecilius, first Archbishop of Granada, and his followers, St. Hiscius and St. Patricius, were found.

We enter a magical realm, full of spirituality and faith, that the visitor can feel walking through the sinuous dark narrow passages and the scattered small chapels with sun-lit domes which illuminate the place where these Saints were crowned martyrs.

However, it is peace and quiet what the traveler feels when walking there. The feeling that these significant men left their reminiscence; that they left some of their strength which the traveler needs to continue her sojourn.

Santas cuevas donde se ve el busto de San Cecilio.
Una de las capillas que hay en las Santas Cuevas.

Because it is in each of these caves where the germinating power which makes the Abbey grow until now resides.

That is the exact meaning of its growth: Buildings which are significant not for being a realm of spaces, but for the men who came here to give testimony, to bring the Church and her first Bishop to Granada, to bring unity to the people and a reason to be for this place.