St. Dionysius Church

Fotografía del interior de la Iglesia de San Dioniso.


This small church, at the back of the Rectory building, is built in a 19 th century neo-gothic style and has been fully restored recently.

St. Dionysius Church is one of the less known and most surprising constructions in the heritage site which Sacromonte Abbey is.

On entering this place the visitor finds herself surrounded by coloured crystal window panes with Christian motifs and high ceilings. The altar, with the altar-pieces covered with gold-leaf in the background, enhances impressively the standing of the building.

Vidrieras de la Iglesia de San Dioniso.
Parte trasera del interior de la Iglesia de San Dioniso.

As out of a tale, this unique construction in Granada, reminds us of some London churches linked with the Romanticism movement in Art, designed in a modern style which was groundbreaking at the time, it is an Architectonic piece of art which stands on its own because of its grandeur and novelty within Granada’s architecture itself.