FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Booking tickets and Vouchers

How can I get tickets?

Through the Abbey’s web page: https://sacromonteabbey.com/tickets , or at the monument’s reception office. We accept Granada Card and Granata Cristiana Vouchers.

Is it necessary to purchase the tickets in advance or can they be purchased straight away at the reception office?

It is advisable to book in advance if you want to make the visit at a particular time. You can purchase the tickets at the reception office, conditioned to availability, from 10:20 am until 6:00 pm.

I have purchased the GranadaCard Tourist Voucher. How can I book a visit?

The monument can be visited within the Card’s validated dates, and in the Abbey’s opening hours. It is advisable to check the timetable before booking the visit. In the website’s main page you can click on the appropriate button to make a booking using the GranadaCard.

Can an Educational Institution make a booking?

Yes, sending an email with the details to info@abadiasacromonte.org, or calling (+34) 958 221445 in the opening hours.

How must be the ticket purchased on the website presented at the reception office?

You can present it either in your mobile phone, or printed. We advise you to present it in the mobile phone in order to avoid environmental damage.

Prices and Fares

What are the fares?

According to your condition and kind of visit:

General Tour of the Abbey: Adults: € 5; Children under 10: free; Handicapped person: € 2

Art in the Abbey: Adults: € 12; Children under 10: free.

Are there any kind of discounts?

Not as such, however, the monument is included in the GranadaCard and Granata Cristiana Tourist Vouchers. There are no particular discounts for residents in Granada, students, senior citizens or European citizens

Is there a discount for groups?

For groups over 15 people, and booking in advance, the price is of € 4 for each single ticket.

Are children admitted free of charge?

Yes, all children under 10 years of age are admitted free of charge

Is there a day one can visit the monument for free?

Yes, from Monday to Friday at 10:30 am only. Booking in advance is mandatory, through the webpage: https://entradasgratuitas.diocesisgranada.es

Please note: All revenues are devoted to the maintenance and restoration of the Abbey’s site

Time Table Changes and Cancellations

What are the reception office opening hours?

Everyday, from 10:20 am until 6:00 pm

Can I change the day/ time of a ticket already purchased?

Yes, informing in advance of the new visit date, and conditioned to availability

Is there a refund when one has to cancel the visit?

Yes, there are no cancellation charges up to 12 hours before the visit’s time

What are the available dates and times for the visit?

Time table depends on the season (Winter, Summer) and the kind of visit (General, Art). They are updated in each tour’s calendar.

What are the closing dates?

January 1st, the Sunday next to February 1st, and December 25th

Tours available


What are the differences between the General Tour and the Premium Tour?

In the General Tour there is a focus in the understanding of the Abbey’s origins, and only the most essential parts of the monument are visited.

In the Premium Tour, you can visit rooms that have been opened to the public very recently, and you can admire a significant part of the monument’s artistic heritage. There are works of a great historical and artistic value.

What is the estimated time of a visit?

It is conditioned to the kind of visit. The General Tour takes one hour, and the Art Tour takes two hours.

What days/ times are preferable for the visit?

Visits follow exactly the same pattern whether in the morning or in the afternoon. In the afternoon, they may be less crowded.

We are open all week days. Monday to Friday are also less crowded, except when there is a Spanish national holiday.

Can the Abbey be visited without joining a guided tour?

No. You can only visit the Abbey joining one of our tours.

When will a night tour be available?

It is planned to start in the following season

What are the languages in the guided tours?

The General Tour is offered, at different times, either in Spanish or in English. The Art Tour is offered only in Spanish so far.

Can a private guided visit be arranged?

Yes. Please contact: turismo@abadiasacromonte.org ; for detailed information

What tour does the GranadaCard Voucher include?

It includes the General Tour, either in Spanish or in English.

What tour does the Granada Cristiana Voucher include?

It includes the General Tour, either in Spanish or in English.

Can one visit the Church when there is a mass or any other kind of liturgical celebration?

The Church will be open to those attending the celebration. The guided tour is not allowed in the Church at those times.

How to get to the Abbey?

Where is the monument located?

On Valparaiso Mount. Postal address: Sacromonte Abbey. Lugar del Sacromonte s/n. 1810 Granada

How can we get to the monument?

The Abbey is only two kilometers (one mile 200 yards) uphill from Granada’s town centre. There are several options to access the monument:

Option 1: By Taxi

Taxis in Granada are very affordable. It takes 10 minutes from Plaza Nueva and costs less than € 8. They take up to four passengers, however, you can book a special one for more people, or for a handicapped person.


Option 2: By car

Gmaps link from Granada’s Gran Vía de Colon:     https://goo.gl/maps/fLAxE5Rkuuv

There is an ample parking lot at the Abbey’s entrance

Option 3: By Bus (Line: C34)

There are local buses from Plaza Nueva every 20 minutes within the Abbey’s opening hours. The journey takes 10 minutes. This mini-bus follows Carrera del Darro, Paseo de los Tristes and Camino del Sacromonte. Please check the time table at: http://www.granadadirect.com/transporte/horarios-autobuses-granada

Can one reach the Abbey with a private car?

Yes, following the indications

Is there a parking lot?


Is parking free of charge?


Which is the bus stop nearest to the monument?

There is a bus stop next to the monument

How long does it take to reach the Abbey from Granada’s town centre?

Walking: Approximately 45 minutes

By bus: Approximately 15 minutes

By car: Approximately 30 minute

Other frequent questions

Does the monument site have a restaurant?

Not yet. Only vending machines with hot and cold drinks, and snacks

Can we purchase souvenirs?

Yes, there is a small shop with books and souvenirs of the Abbey in the reception office.

Can we record film or make photographs inside?

In most places, except inside the museum and the Holy Caves

Is there a code of dressing?

It is recommended to dress modestly inside the temple

When is the mass celebrated?

Every Sunday at 12 noon. This time may change seasonally

Are there accessible rest-rooms at the monument site?

Yes, there is a fully accessible restroom for the use of handicapped people